Our goal at Maven is to never forget we’re in the business of recruiting and placing people. Actual people. Candidates are more than resumes and companies are more than quarterly earnings. We treat people as people. We’re honest with them. We meet them over coffee instead of over email. We celebrate what makes each person and company unique, instead of directing them to a webpage.

Jessica Vann
Founder and CEO
Kevin Baker
Vice President, Team & Customer Success
Leslie Crain
Business Operations Manager
Gillian Lopez
Director of Accounts & Growth, Permanent
Hayley Morrison
Recruiter & Team Lead, Permanent
Amber Liu
Account Director & Team Lead, Temporary
Haley Garrison
Marketing & Events Associate
Kate Mahoney
Recruiter, Permanent
Shirin Esmaili
Account Director, Temporary
Stefanie Jass
Account Director, Temporary
Camille Parenteau
Recruiting Coordinator, Temporary
Emily Lovelace
Account Director, Temporary
Julia Francis
Recruiter, Permanent
Mary Crownhart
Account Director, Permanent


We believe the greatest sign of respect is telling people the truth and not wasting their time. 

Touch Over Tech

We learn more through a handshake and eye contact than we do through a long email.

The Intangibles

Discovering the imperceptible creates lasting relationships with candidates and companies.

We're Hiring.

Recruiting Coordinator


Business Development Representative


Account Director




Uber Credits

Presidents Club

401k Match

Bi-annual Massage

Medical Coverage

Personal Chef

Cell Phone Reimbursements

Volunteer Day

We celebrate what makes each candidate and company unique.