Maven Gives Back

A Glimpse Into our Social Responsibility Program

Our belief in a human and rigorous approach to recruiting applies not only to our work as recruiters, but to how we engage with and serve our broader community. Through partnerships with organizations like Students Rising Above and the International Rescue Committee, we’ve had the opportunity to lead workshops, mock career fairs, and one-on-one training for first-generation college attendees and recently-arrived refugees in the areas of resume writing, interview coaching, and general job preparedness.  Maven’s Social Responsibility Program also provides extra paid time off to our employees to volunteer and quarterly revenue-based donations to employee-chosen organizations.  

From teaching people how to “Dress for Success” to how to properly shake a person’s hand or make eye contact, we’ve been able to offer tangible and actionable advice that has the power to be transformative. We believe that just like a smile or a smirk over coffee can be super revealing in an interview, sometimes it’s the small stuff that removes barriers and allows all of us to tap into our collective humanity.

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