Black Lives Matter

In the midst of a global pandemic, we have all been confronted with multiple instances of blatant injustice, violence, and discrimination which have brought our country’s long history of systemic racism to the forefront. It is hard to imagine a sequence of events more trying and devastating to our society.

The continued assault on Black Lives and the lives of all People of Color must stop.
The era of complacency is over.
The choice to be passive is no longer an option.
To perpetuate the status quo is to be complicit.  

We believe financial health and stability is essential for everyone to pursue a life of dignity and respect for themselves, their families, and their communities. The Black Community has faced systemic inequities for generations. As a recruiting company, we are uniquely equipped to make a difference by committing to represent diverse talent and by identifying and confronting the biases and injustices perpetuating the current system. As a gateway to companies whose roles provide economic and career opportunities for thousands of individuals, these efforts have the potential to make a lasting impact.

We will do our part by committing to the following:

  • Continue to recruit a diverse talent pool. We are already in conversation with People of Color in our community who work in hiring to seek their suggestions on broadening our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Additionally, we will create a taskforce within Maven to implement additional sourcing strategies to reach a more diverse audience.  
  • Identify and eliminate bias in the recruiting, screening and selection process.  
  • If and when bias enters the recruiting process, we will speak up and call it out. We must hold ourselves and one another accountable to change and commit to challenging and educating one another.  
  • Diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias training: we commit to holding annual trainings with our team as well as during the new-hire onboarding process.
  • Review our internal hiring process to ensure more diversity within our internal team.
  • Expand our involvement with organizations committed to supporting and elevating the Black Community and other underrepresented communities, including Students Rising Above, Defy Ventures, and Larkin Street Youth Services, by hosting interns and leading resume and job-search workshops. This is not just about donations. It’s about contributing time, experience, and interest in Black Lives and the lives of other People of Color.
  • Effective immediately and through the rest of the year, Maven will match the financial contributions of its employees toward organizations working to elevate the Black Community.

We firmly believe that our actions and commitments in supporting the Black Community have the power to add up to something meaningful. Radical change needs to happen. We must and will do better.

Black lives matter.

- Jessica Vann, CEO of Maven Recruiting Group

Posted on

June 11, 2020


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