Resilience + 3 P's = One Successful Job Search!

Raise your hand if you feel like time is FLYING. Quarter 2 went by in a blink of an eye; now, here we are halfway through the year. How’s that New Year’s resolution list treating ya? Personally, these past 90+ days alone have been both a hefty and healthy combination of some skyscraper highs, like going to Maui with my team, achieving my quarterly goal in one month, and being able to surf more, yes! However, as life would have it, there were also some unfortunate blue lows including family sorrows, a bittersweet heartbreak, and watching our very own Golden State Warriors lose at home, ouch!

But we know that our Warriors won’t dwell on their loss forever, even though it was a championship game, but rather they’ll sweat-it-off by hitting the courts after a rejuvenating break. That same mentality can speak directly to us both at work, with life as whole, and in your job search.

I’m talking about exercising and exuding RESILIENCE. With my recent unexpected life experiences and challenges, I have found and learned how admirably important it is to be resilient. Being resilient has kept me strong through my difficult times, and I’m certain that it can do the same for you too, especially with a difficult job search! Keep in mind that a recruiter is only an additional resource for you; you’re ultimately in control of your own success. So don’t let an "interview pass” or “job loss" stop you from driving your career outcome or achieving your dream role. Resilience coupled with my three favorite P’s listed below (and that I have noticed to be successful for some stellar, standout candidates) can make an excellent formula for your job search!

POSITIVITY - Work hard for what you want while keeping your chin up! It’s a competitive market and job hunting can sometimes be a long and grueling process. When times are tough, turn to your support system or reach out to a local networking group. Resources like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Meetups are a great starting point to find your ideal interest group. Welcome people into your life and you’ll see how they can inspire you to remain strong, motivated, and above all positive!

PERSISTENCE - The Warriors didn’t win 45 straight games out of sheer luck. They were consistent because of their determination, perseverance, diligent work ethic and so much more. Get into the job search and networking routine with this type of mentality and sure enough, you’ll see some traction and results.

PRESENCE - Working for various companies across the Bay Area has shown and taught me the value of presence. I’ve seen occasions where this is what matters most to employers because they see potential from someone with a great presence, or when it’s a tie between a perfectly-qualified versus an under-qualified candidate and the under-qualified receives the job because they embrace a stronger presence. Sometimes even more than skills and experiences, employers LOVE to hire people with an excellent attitude, great personality, and engaging energy. Pair all of that with a solid handshake, positive attitude, simple smile, and sharp outfit and you’ll feel not only confident, but ready to conquer those interviews!

Going back to why I love being a recruiter, I thought I would tie in the things that I’ve learned from my recent life experiences with a few similarities that are applicable in the job search process. Thanks to a wonderful team bonding exercise, I was flattered to learn that my very own team thinks that resilience is one of my core strengths. It could be yours, too, and it can certainly be used to your advantage along with the three powerful P’s while discovering and landing your perfect job!

Special thanks to Maven Recruiting Group's incredible Office Manager, Leslie Crain, for editing all of my blogs, my amazing team for keeping the fire in my belly constantly lit and fueled, and my wonderful family and friends for your continuous support and unconditional love!

Written by: Gillian Lopez

Posted on

July 7, 2016


Job Search Advice