Refresh Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile With These Simple Tips

Admins on the Rise: Maven Makeover, Part ONE

Thanks to everyone who made it out to our latest, sold-out Admins on the Rise event, A Maven Makeover, last Thursday. We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to sit down with our very own San Francisco-based recruiters for one-on-one personalized resume and LinkedIn profile advice, get professional makeup touch up and tips, and take an updated, professional headshot. We sure had a ton of fun with you!

For those who were unable to make it, there was a lot of advice floating around, so we have compiled a snapshot of ALL the tips we shared to update and “make over” your resume and LinkedIn profile in a series of blog posts.

Keep reading for Part One of our event coverage including resume advice and LinkedIn tips.

  • Part Two includes how to take a professional headshot from photographer Kendall Brobst, and interview and work appropriate makeup tips from professional makeup artists Rachel Domingo!
  • Last but not least, Part Three puts all of the resume and LinkedIn profile work you have done with tips to nail that interview it got you!

Also a huge thank you to everyone who donated to this Admin on the Rise’s event charity recipient, Dress for Success! With all of your love and support, and a donation match from Maven, we are thrilled to be able to donate almost $700 to the amazing San Francisco chapter, which empowers women to achieve economic independence and thrive in work and in life.

Now for the tips! Let’s start at the beginning – here are quick tips to make your resume more impactful and your LinkedIn profile stand out:

Resume (from top-ish to bottom):

  • Education: If you are less than two years out of school, highlight that education at the top; otherwise move it all to the bottom of your resume.
  • What’s Your Objective Here: If you are including an objective, it should be at the top, which is especially helpful and impactful if you are making a transition in your career.
  • Clean It Up: Make your resume easy to read at a glance. This means clean formatting, bullet points, and a simple font.
  • About Those Bullet Points: Each bullet should start with a strong, action-oriented adjective that beckons your future employer to keep reading. Start with the present and work your way back – AND pay attention to tenses, which should only be present if you are still in that role.
  • Consistency, Consistency, Consistency: Fastest way to turn off a future employer? Not paying close enough attention to detail with inconsistencies. This means same font, same date structure, same margins, same italics – you get the point, keep it consistent!
  • Skills: Anyone can say “strong communicator” on a resume, but listing tangible skills are a great way to draw attention to all of your software, program, database, and technical skillsets and proficiencies. Listing the specifics can also make sure resume more searchable.


  • Professional Headshot: Your photo should be 60 percent of your face and be ‘professionally appropriate,’ with a warm expression that actually looks like you in everyday life!
  • Tagline: Your tagline can and should be more creative than just your current title. Have fun with creating a ‘title’ with personality that provides more insight into you as an employee!
  • Bio: Think of your LinkedIn bio as an opportunity to introduce your authentic self, your WHOLE self. While this is ultimately a professional profile, add some flavor to your bio and show your personality beyond what you have done in past roles. This is the section where you would include what you do outside of work, what motivates you, and what you are looking for in a career!
  • No, your LinkedIn is not your resume: YES, make sure your companies, job titles, and dates are all accurate and match your resume. But your LinkedIn should complement your resume, not take its place. Instead of the bullet points you have so strategically and thoughtfully listed in your resume, include 3-5 sentences about your role at each company.
  • Specific Skills: Same as above: tangible skills like software proficiencies and technical skillsets are much more impactful.

With these quick but impactful changes, your resume will resonate more with potential employers and your LinkedIn profile will be more searchable. There is always more we can and love to share about all things job hunting and career planning. Got any questions? Want to work with us to find your next dream job? Drop us a line! (We seriously love talking about this!)

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November 15, 2017


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