Real-Talk Recruiting: You Asked & We Answered!

-by Haley Garrison

As a boutique recruiting firm, we are no strangers to the question: What is it like to work with a recruiter? In our latest video series: Real-Talk Recruiting, we invited our followers to ask us questions regarding recruiting. Here's a deeper dive into the real recruiting secrets we addressed in our latest video:

Q: Objective Statements – Do recruiters even look at them or are they a waste of space on a resume?

A: It depends! If the experience on your resume speaks for itself, then writing an Objective Statement is probably a space-waster on your resume, but if you need to explain your experience (or lack thereof), a solid objective statement can pack the punch you need to catch a recruiter's attention.  

For example, if you are a recent grad entering the workforce with limited work experience, writing a short and sweet objective statement that captures your interpersonal skills and what you are looking for within a role can give recruiters a great sense of what you can bring to the table as a potential new team member.  

Similarly, if you are looking to change industries and your work experience doesn't quite align with your career ambitions, we advise a powerful sentence or two explaining how your experience is transferable to the job you want.  

The key here is making sure to personalize your objective statement so that it adds to your resume rather than cluttering it. A great rule of thumb to follow: If you're going to use the space, be sure that it's adding something valuable. In other words, cut the fluff and steer clear of using generic language that doesn't help to capture what sets you apart from others.

Q: How do you find the right recruiter?

A: Well, how do you find the right husband, wife or life partner? It might seem like overkill, but the Recruiter/Candidate relationship is one that's built on trust, so you want to be sure that it's the right fit. As a candidate, you want someone who is going to be your champion and advocate for you with their clients, so you want to be sure you're more than a resume to your recruiter.  

Is your recruiter asking you good questions? Is he or she interested in not just what you're doing, but how you got there? If your recruiter isn't going the extra mile to ask what your needs are or what qualities you look for in your co-workers or future boss, most likely they won't go the extra mile to advocate for what matters most to you (they might not even know what that is!). Whether it's finding out your non-negotiables or understanding how your love for travel factors into your job search, a good recruiter will be intentional about getting to know you, and not just your resume.

As industry leaders, we encourage our followers to ask us anything and everything that relates to the world of recruiting. Whether you're curious to hear the best interviewing tactics and job search tips or you're eager to discover the right work culture or you'd simply like to know what to wear your first day on the job... our Maven Recruiters are excited to give you the real-talk on recruiting. Be sure to comment or email us your questions to be featured in our next video!

Written by: Haley Garrison

Posted on

May 31, 2018


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