Maven Recruiting Group Named an Inc 2020 Best Workplace: A Glimpse Into our Company Culture

Maven Recruiting Group was recently named one of Inc’s Best Workplaces of 2020 and we couldn’t be more excited! And with that, we figured we’d give you a peek into our culture and day-to-day so you can get a true sense of what it means to be a Maven and why we love where we work!

Parrots + Beyoncé: A Winning Combo

When you walk into our office, you'll immediately notice the buzz. Maybe it's the parrots squawking on our penthouse balcony where we work on warm days, or the Beyoncé jams from the conference room as we take turns playing DJ. It’s probably our teammates laughing on the couch as they strategize how to tackle a new challenge. When our days are spent matchmaking great candidates to their dream jobs, it hardly feels like work. Either way, it's Maven's top-notch company culture that keeps our team appreciated, motivated, and successful.

Where It All Began (Grab the Kleenex)

After growing up watching her single mother sacrifice her wellbeing to a grueling job, our CEO was inspired to found a company built on the values of transparency, knowledge sharing, and appreciation of everyone who shared her vision. Many agencies pit their employees against each other, but Maven's unique sales model requires cross-functional expertise to seal a deal, so our dynamic team excels at bringing our best selves to our clients.

Not Your Typical Perks + Benefits

We think of Maven as a small company that rewards us as if we were the largest in Silicon Valley. Not only do we have access to incredible coaches and development opportunities, but we are committed to fostering a fun, inclusive, and rewarding environment. Our top performers earn two luxury, all-expense paid vacations each year, and after five years of service, all Mavens receive a pair of airline tickets to anywhere in the world! From an onsite private chef preparing our lunches to team outings such as wine tasting, cooking classes, and spa days to bi-annual massage credits and monthly Uber allowances, Maven makes a conscious effort to acknowledge the holistic employee experience.  

The Sky is the Limit

While promoting our newest Director, our leadership team gave her a simple challenge for this year, “Make yourself irrelevant by making your new team as successful as you.” Many Mavens joined us from humble beginnings and grew into leadership positions where they’ve had the opportunities to foster the success of others, expand training programs and hiring searches, even open new markets and business lines. Our leaders believe in enabling great people to do their best work by offering a supportive structure to learn and grow in and the wisdom to know when to step back.

Let’s Hear it for our Leadership Team

Our leadership team recognizes the importance of progress and momentum. Because of this, our team is given access to some of the smartest and most inspiring minds in the Bay Area for continued learning and development. This has included sessions with behavioral interviewing experts, or a course on the theory of communication and processing styles, and employment law experts educating us on how to advise our clients on winning hiring practices. Our management team has built an incredible onboarding and training program, a guided three-month curriculum that exposes new employees to the critical skills, people, and strategies they need to build a rewarding career. Walking the talk, our VP created a five-month leadership development course for newly minted managers to learn to inspire others, and our CEO holds a weekly “Master Class” and Q&A session for new hires.

No Shortcuts Around Here

Maven believes in a healthy balance between technology and human interaction, something we call ‘touch over tech.’ While others may opt to leverage technology shortcuts to build a wider and shallower network, Maven’s leaders have challenged us to move in the opposite direction, by creating deeper relationships with our clients and candidates by hosting introductions and meetings in person and taking the time to get to know people as people and not just a search result. We dig into a candidate’s hopes and aspirations, instead of simply collecting resumés. We match candidates to an organization based on the business’ needs, challenges and fit, not simply a keyword search or salary alignment. It may require more work, but it leads to more meaningful and lasting partnerships.  

Say It Louder for the People in the Back

We believe great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone, and some of our greatest innovations as a company have come from our leadership team’s open-door policy. And not to mention, their passion for encouraging people to feel comfortable to share their thoughts (no matter how outlandish they seem in the moment). To no surprise, this structure has led us to some of our most unique offerings as a company from hosting our quarterly Admins on the Rise event, a boisterous forum of administrative professionals sharing knowledge on how everyone can progress in their career, to our successful REACH podcast for Executive Assistants, which is aiming to hit 30,000 listeners this year.

Take Our Employees’ Words for It

“I love working at Maven! I feel like my job has given me the opportunity to move forward in my career and it has also given me what I need to thrive in my personal life. I consider my colleagues friends and I feel challenged and inspired every day!”

“Maven is a wonderful and inspiring place to work. The team is supportive, engaging, and incredibly accepting. We work very hard to achieve our goals and are rewarded generously. We operate with the mentality that ‘we only succeed if we all succeed.’ Each person is not focused only on their goals, but the goals of the team and the overall success of the organization.”

“Maven has a one-of-a-kind culture. Our company spoils us when it comes to perks and benefits. The employees at Maven work incredibly hard and we have created such a strong bond with one another, so much so that we are constantly hanging out outside of work. Also, I get to work on projects I'm passionate about and my boss supports that!”

Written by: Haley Garrison

Posted on

May 29, 2020


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