Make the Most of Your Career in 2018 with These Simple Steps

Ah, New Year’s Resolutions – traditionally big, lofty, life-changing goals made over too much champagne and forgotten by Feb 1. So, let’s do this: instead of thinking about the big career leap we are going to make come 2018, let’s set an intention to make the most of whatever job situation we are in with simple, meaningful actions.

Yep, we’ve got you covered for career-specific ways to make the most of 2018. We are recruiters, after all.

If You Are On The Job Hunt:

  • Go easy on yourself - job hunting isn’t easy! And a lot of times rejections have nothing to do with you. Take the time to check in with yourself. How are you feeling? What can you be doing differently? Check out more HERE.
  • Get organized. One easy way to stay organized? Create a job hunting tracking sheet with what you have applied for, where you have interviewed, and companies you are interested in.
  • Network, Network, Network. get out of your comfort zone by seeking out networking opportunities you normally wouldn’t. Connect with recruiters, build your ‘job hunting team,’ get people involved, and make it fun and collaborative. You can even get started at this season’s holiday parties. Check out more HERE.

If You Are In A Job & Happy:

  • Practice being grateful for the job you have. It’s literally been scientifically proven that gratitude helps everything, including continuing to love your job. Check out more HERE.
  • Volunteer for something. A new project at work, a nonprofit that speaks to your heart – heck, maybe even organizing a company volunteer initiative! Volunteering can breathe life into your day, role, and whole year! Check out more HERE.
  • Get to know a co-worker you don’t know. You’ll notice a theme – it’s networking, and it never stops. Is there a new team member or a team you don’t know too much about? A quick coffee date can easily change that!

If You Are In A Job & Considering A Move:

  • Every journey begins with a small step. Commit to making a change and take that first step! Don’t let the idea of job hunting become daunting; you can start with a few simple steps:
  • Update your resume. This can seem like a big one, but sit down and think through everything you do in your role, write it down, and then edit.
  • Tell someone. Here it is again: NETWORK! Preferably someone not in your company if you want to keep the search confidential, but tell someone to spark some excitement for yourself and plant a seed in your network.
  • Check out what’s out there. Take the browsing skills you are honing this week during the online holiday shopping crunch and check out LinkedIn, some of your favorite companies, and other job listing sites. You never know what might spark your interest!
  • Assemble your team. Yes, shameless plug alert, but enlisting a good recruiting firm will add real value vis a vis introducing you to employers and opening doors for you, coaching, positioning, and negotiating, all on your behalf. And yes, you should start assembling your team even in the ‘considering’ stage.

Happy Holidays! However you celebrate, we wish you peace, love and joy this season!

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December 21, 2017


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