Love is in the Air … But is it in Your Job?

All right, folks, with Valentine's Day just moments away, it's time to fall in love. I'm not speaking romantically (although if you're seeking that, I sure hope you find that too!), I'm talking about falling and remaining in love with your job. If you aren't feeling flow, happiness, engagement, drive, intellectual stimulation, or any sort of positive feeling, for that matter, then it's time to change that now. It’s important to feel good about what you do and to enjoy all aspects of your role because work is where a majority of our time is spent.

The special thing about being a recruiter is that I have the opportunity to be a part of that change. It's like playing Cupid. My amazing team at Maven Recruiting Group and I have the abilities, resources, knowledge, and exclusive network to connect people in the admin/HR fields to some incredible companies in the SF Bay Area. Above all, we have the unique privilege to watch people fall in love every, single, step of the way until they say "YES!" – just like "yes, baby, I love you so much and I want to marry you!" At the end of the day, your job is a commitment to yourself and your employer. Why not love what you do?

So how can a recruiter be a beneficial resource for you? Well, below are some sweet reasons why I love my job as a recruiter. I want to share my passion for inspiring others to achieve their professional goals. I want to share the enjoyment I find when we connect people to their successes, and my desire to enlighten people on how genuinely good recruiters can be an instrumental resource in this competitive yet exciting job market.

1) Recruiters get to meet new people and formulate amazing relationships

Nothing more to say about this statement other than stressing the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships, which can only truly be done in-person. If I could be like Oprah for all my candidates who I meet and say, "you get a job, you get a job, you all get jobs!" then, boy, life would be great for everyone! The reality is that matching candidate desires and company expectations is not always a simple formula. There are many different components that go into placing someone at their next job or dream role; from criteria to culture fit, everyone has their wish list. Sometimes it can all boil down to timing, which is everything during the job search.

When I meet new people, my ultimate goal is to learn about the intangibles that will make them happy. To learn about their proudest accomplishments and to be able to share that with employers. To understand what it will take for someone to establish roots and grow with a firm. But the only way to successfully do all of this is to meet with everyone in-person. Now that's the Oprah spirit – or at least that’s how we like to do it here at Maven.

2) Successful recruiters are capable of earning and managing trust

Trust is earned, not given. Who's heard that one before? It's true. So how does a recruiter build rapid trust with their new candidate or client? Well, let's take it back to the Maven way. Setting the foundation for a trustworthy relationship cannot be done through technology. Having conversations over the phone to hear a person’s tone or energy is a great start. But it's the in-person eye contact, body language, smiles, raised eyebrows, laughs and that business handshake that makes a partnership feel a little more genuine and a lot less transactional. Genuinely connecting with people is what builds real rapport, and exchanging trust both ways is what solidifies a strong partnership. Be open to trusting your recruiter and you'll make greater strides in your job search.

3) Good recruiters will step outside of their comfort zone for you

Before I got this job, I tried to avoid confrontation and pushback at all costs. I will always be a people pleaser and that friendly person to chat with; however, it’s important to do a little extra pushing when you truly believe in someone. What I admire about my team is that we aren't afraid to speak up. When we believe in our candidates (and clients) we make it a point to speak about all of their skills, experiences, and intangible qualities with honesty and confidence. So, my fellow recruiters, when candidates trust us to represent their search we need to do our best by consistently giving it our all, but the same goes for you, candidates out there. Remember this is a partnership and everything has to flow equally both ways.

4) Career-savvy recruiters learn something new every single dayWhether it's discovering unique qualities about people to learning all the details about the next big start-up, never do I walk out of the office without learning something new. Knowledge is power, especially during the job search process, and I enjoy being that resourceful recruiter who shares insightful information with my candidates and team.

5) Resourceful recruiters can teach you a thing or two

Be open to learning and hearing feedback when you are exploring new roles. Maven recruiters are in the business of educating and influencing people. Even if you aren't actively looking, a recruiter can enlighten you about what the market looks like. Is your compensation really in line with the competitive market? What should you say in an interview? Recruiters who stay well-connected and career-savvy can be a valuable resource for you.

6) Passionate recruiters get to watch people fall and remain in love with their job

Enough said. Watching people develop and strengthen their confidence while going through the interview process is truly motivating and inspiring. Hearing how happy my candidates are after enjoying their first day or their first few months makes me smile all the time. Recruiting is not a simple process and it certainly comes with many challenges, but it's moments like these that make it all absolutely worth it.

So take a moment to think about it. Are you really in love with your job, or do you deserve something better this year? If you're in love with your job, have you ever thought about what will make you even happier? Try stepping outside of your comfort zone to discover your happiness. You’ll love it!

Written By: Gillian Lopez

Posted on

February 17, 2016


Recruiting Knowledge