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Admins on the Rise: Maven Makeover Part THREE

Our latest Admins on the Rise event, Maven Makeover, was all about refreshing your resume and LinkedIn profile, and you can find tips on doing just that in Part ONE & Part TWO of the event coverage on Maven’s blog. While it’s always important to keep your professional profiles up-to-date, the need for a big refresh is normally triggered by the fact you are jumping into the job hunt. If that is you - welcome!

Let’s talk about the next step: interviewing! Maven Makeover guests left the event with an interview tip sheet from our team of recruiting experts who have coached thousands of candidates on how to nail their interview. Read on for those interview tips and tricks you can put into practice today!


  • Do your research. Get to know all about the company and people you will be interviewing with. Check out their website, Google the company’s latest news and announcements, and ask any friends who work there for insights on who you’re meeting with.
  • Practice, practice, practice! Start thinking about common interview questions and your responses, including specific examples from your experience, then practice them out loud in front of a mirror. Come up with insightful, thoughtful questions to ask your interviewer.
  • Know where you’re going and how long it will take you to get there. Plan your route in advance, and aim to get there 5 minutes before your interview. DO NOT show up late, but don’t get there more than 10 minutes early, either. That may mean taking a walk around the block before going in, but that can be good to calm any nerves!
  • Get a good night’s sleep and eat a good breakfast! You never know: if you make a great impression, you could be onsite longer than anticipated – and you definitely don’t want to get “hangry.”
  • Additional Resource: See Maven’s Blog about last-minute interview prep:


  • Dress for success. Match the vibe of the office. If you’re going to a finance firm, wear the suit. If you’re going to a start-up, wear those polka-dotted slacks. For all interviews, look polished and presentable (no chipped nail polish or post-gym hair!).
  • And don’t overdo it. No excessive cologne or perfumes, and this isn’t the time to try out the latest take on the cat-eye. You want to be remembered for you, not your glitter eyeshadow. (Remember PART TWO of the Maven Makeover coverage)
  • Bring your resume. Actually, bring multiple: at least one to offer your interviewer, and one to keep in front of you, and anyone else who may pop by to interview you.
  • Put your phone on silent and keep it in your purse or pocket.
  • Do it! Greet and exit with a firm handshake. Remember names and make eye contact. Ask your questions. You’ve got this!
  • Additional Resource: Take a look at Maven’s Blog on how to avoid common interview mistakes:              


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November 15, 2017


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