Save Time with This Comprehensive Resume Hack

Use this Job Hunting Tool to Send Tailored Resumes & Save Time

In an ideal world, you will send a thoughtful, tailored resume to each and every job you are applying to, speaking to every specific point of that job description.

Back in the real world, we know people might not actually have time for that.

What’s an easy way to combat the lack of time versus the need to be tailored? Well, we like to call it a ‘Master Resume.’ This may be self-explanatory, but here are some quick tips to create yours:

  • A ‘Master Resume’ is an insanely comprehensive overview of everything you’ve ever done at every job you have ever worked. Use discretion here; if you have five years of professional experience, there is no need to have that high-school babysitting gig listed.
  • Why? It’s easier and faster to delete content than create content when you are tailoring your resume for that perfect job that just popped up on your LinkedIn feed.
  • Take some time to include under each job EVERYTHING you did in that role. Don’t worry about the length of your resume right now – you aren’t going to send out this long version, you just want all the content ready to go!
  • Include even what you consider the obvious. Never assume anyone knows what you did in that role except for you!
  • Spell out not only what you did, but also how you did it. Did you streamline the way your company booked conference rooms? Awesome: how did you do it?
  • Edit your bullet points – and I specifically say bullet points, because your resume should have bullet points, as it’s the easiest way for the reader to digest the info. Each bullet should be ‘employer ready,’ or in other words, perfectly edited. Remember, the point here is to ultimately save time!

Cool. Your ‘Master Resume’ is complete – AND bonus, I hope this helped you realize ALL of the amazing things you have done throughout your work experience! Sometimes it’s hard to remember how much you actually do, and it’s good practice to run through it all before your interviews. (Plus, it’s great just to remind yourself how awesome you are!)

Now it is time to cut the fat according to the particular role you are applying for. Compare your ‘Master Resume’ to the job description. Does the JD specifically say you will own the conference room calendars? Thank goodness you built out those bullet points about how you streamlined the way your old company booked rooms! But you probably only need one of the five bullet points you prepared about the marketing materials you created since there is no mention of marketing in the JD – get the drift?

Happy Applying!

Written by: Dana P. Hundley

Posted on

February 27, 2018


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