Ask a Real Recruiter: Does It Matter That I've Job-Hopped (a Lot)?


Dear Recruiter,

I’m specialized in marketing within the technology industry. I have four years of experience, and I've held six jobs plus a few independent projects, with not a single position lasting longer than a year. My fear is that I’m being labeled as a job hopper. I know employment length has decreased overall, but how important is staying in a role for a certain period of time? Does longevity still matter?

The Hare


Hi The Hare,

I’m not one for placating. So, to answer your question, longevity does still matter in certain industries. In our business of placing administrative and human resources professionals, a jumpy resume is the number one reason a client won’t meet a candidate.

Now, that said, it isn’t all doom and gloom for job hoppers—even if your field doesn’t look glowingly at it.

For instance, one IT worker we met was recently advised by a prominent venture capital firm to accumulate “more logos” on his resume, a license essentially to seek out shorter employment stints at high-profile companies.

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Written by: CEO & Founder, Jessica Vann (ORIGINALLY SEEN ON THE MUSE)

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August 27, 2018


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