Ask a Real Recruiter: Should I Use a Salary Calculator to Negotiate a Job Offer?

My latest ‘Ask a Real Recruiter’ Column on The Muse answered one piece of the very tough question – ‘How do I talk about salary in the interview process?’ ‘Still Figuring Out My Worth’ asked specifically if mentioning salary data aggregators in a salary negotiation is useful. Quick answer, no. You can find my whole response HERE, which also starts a bigger discussion around really determining your worth and what you actually need and want from a job, salary being one part of that larger picture.

What I want to add to the ‘Ask A Recruiter’ column by writing this post is a quick tip for interviewers to help navigate the salary discussion, because really it is an ongoing discussion. The salary answer isn’t always black and white, and it can change over the course of an interview. (Again, read the whole column for the ‘big picture.’)

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Written by: CEO & Founder, Jessica Vann (ORIGINALLY SEEN ON THE MUSE)

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November 21, 2017


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