Ask a Real Recruiter: How Do I Prove That I'm the Best Candidate in an Interview?


Dear Real Recruiter,

What’s the best way to answer when the interviewer asks why they should choose you over another candidate who has the same qualifications?

Not Just Another Number


Dear Not Just Another Number,

Standing out in your job search is crucial, but it’s also hard. The truth is, a lot of people are just as qualified as you when it comes to comparing resumes.

So, don’t think of it that way! Instead, dig into the intangibles of who you are. No, not the straightforward qualifications or keywords that got you the interview, but the actual you.

That’s the good stuff. The secret sauce. The reason they’re going to select you over the other “equally qualified” candidate. Here’s what you can emphasize.

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Written by: CEO & Founder, Jessica Vann (ORIGINALLY SEEN ON THE MUSE)

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August 21, 2018


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