An Ode to Admins

With Appreciation for our Executive Assistants, Admin Assistants, Receptionists, and more!

Dear Admins: you are the best part of our day.
Without missing a beat, you make troubles go away.
From fixing our laptops when they have some sort of bug,
To lending a sympathetic ear or giving a hug.

You are the glue that holds us in place,
And you always do it with a smile on your face!
We walk in the door and you’re the first one we see,
When we need supplies, you know exactly where they’ll be!

(Of course! You ordered them before we ran out, just in time,
Really, it seems like you’re reading our minds!)
You’ve got the hook-ups for all of our vendors,
From cleaners to movers to IT to menders.

You’re a calendar wizard with juggling meetings,
You own social media, from Facebook to Tweet-ings.
When booking travel, you get us right where we’re going,
Plus all the stuff you do without us even knowing!

The office wouldn’t be the same without you at the helm,
You’re the best of the best, the queen/king of our realm.
We hope you know that we see what you do,
From the bottom of our hearts, we really thank you!

* * * *

(And what would this be without mention of Maven:
We’re your recruiting matchmakers, your new-job safe haven.
We believe in you, in all this, and in so much more,
So let us help you find a new job or Bay Area company you adore!)

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April 26, 2017


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