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Behind the Velvet Rope: Demystifying the Executives You Support

Ever wondered what the person sitting across from you in an interview was really thinking, or wished you could demystify your new boss? Or maybe you’ve wrestled with how you can best stand out during the onboarding and initial periods of your new job?  

It was in a quest to get these and other critical questions answered for our admin followership during Maven’s latest Admins on the Rise event, hosted at the iconic Hotel Zetta in downtown San Francisco! In case you missed it, here’s a virtual recap of what was a massively entertaining and informative evening.

Those who bravely battled the apocalyptic fire skies and 221 air quality index on November 15th were generously rewarded by the witty and insightful commentary of our incredible panelists:

  • Eric Gundersen: CEO of Mapbox
  • Annie Wu: Executive Operations at Postmates
  • Alex Silverman: Director of Operations at Founders Fund
  • Beth Vasquez: Director of Talent Acquisition at First Republic Bank

These esteemed business leaders and executives shared their perspectives on everything from how to stand out in an interview to what can distinguish you during the onboarding process, and as you solidify your new relationship, to how to stay relevant over the longer term.  

As always, our goal with this event was to create a candid, vibrant and rigorous dialogue that can both inspire and aid you as you navigate your own career trajectory.


In the meantime, if you have a topic in mind you’d love to hear about at our next event, send your ideas to Our intention is to implement the topics YOU want to hear and learn about. After all, our Admins on the Rise events are for YOU, so tell us what you want to see, Admins. :)

Written by: Jessica Vann & Haley Garrison

Posted on

December 4, 2018


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