A Love Letter to our Admins

If only you knew what you mean to me

How helpful you are, all the problems you see

And after you see them, you immediately fix

When it comes to solutions, you know all the tricks

You can rightly say “I am vital to you”

For what would I do sans my travel guru?

I really can’t live without my calendar-juggler

And would simply perish without you, coffee smuggler,

How lucky I am to have your skills as gate-keeper

You know you’re my number one alarm-clock beeper

You are the key player on all of our teams

You’re the expertly-placed stitches in all of the seams

You’re the only one I trust to be my ghost-writer

You are the sailor keeping our ship running tighter

From calendaring to travel to every expense report

You are my lifeline, my favorite, my executive support

I can’t imagine functioning without you as my admin

With you on our team, I know we will always win!

Posted on

April 26, 2016


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