A Day in the Life

What’s it like to be a Recruiter, you ask?

Here is a day in the life of Maven Recruiter, Hayley Morrison – who loves to build long-lasting relationships with candidates and partner with them to find fulfilling jobs that make them happy!

This is a peek into how she does it. Spoiler alert: it involves Philz coffee!

-By Hayley Morrison

8 a.m. I step out of my front door to a welcomed surprise of sunshine and clear skies! I live in the Presidio (they should pay me for recruiting residents, but that’s another story), and hop on the Presidigo, the Presidio’s free-shuttle for residents to downtown.

I’ve started to get really into podcasts, so I plug in and start listening to “The Daily” by the New York Times. From there, my work day really gets going. I filter through my inbox, ensuring nothing has happened overnight that needs immediate attention, and start to plan out my day. I look through my calendar to see what’s on the docket. Today, it looks like I have quite the busy day: three interviews, team lunch, coffee with a candidate, and a team meeting.

Big Day = Big Coffee. I use the new Philz App to order a large Mint Mojito (sweet and creamy, of course) to pick up on my way in. No, Philz doesn’t pay me either, but they let me use their Palo Alto location for interviews on Fridays, so I guess we will call it even.

8:50 a.m. And just like that, I’m headed up Market Street to make a quick stop in at Philz and pick up my coffee. I just love the hustle and the bustle of this city, especially walking up Market St. It gets me excited for the day.

Coffee in hand, I head to 490 Post Street: where the Maven Magic happens!

9:05 a.m. I have to admit, I’m not the first one in the office in the mornings. My snooze button and I just have too close of a relationship.

As I walk in, I smell cake baking in the oven. What’s the occasion?! I peek into the kitchen – funfetti with rainbow chip frosting! Oh wow, that’s going to be delicious.

I sit down at my desk and start plugging away. As any recruiter knows, scheduling takes time so it’s most important to tackle first! The sooner we can get the interviews scheduled, the sooner my fabulous candidates can meet our clients, and the sooner we can get them that job!

One of my favorite candidates…. okay, yes, we have “favorites.” I’m not a teacher, people! But, it’s usually because they are extremely responsive, keep me in the loop on their search, and are on top of their Thank You note game after interviews.

Anyway, one of my favorite candidates is interviewing for a few positions. We catch up on how her interview went yesterday and get her scheduled for next rounds.

Next up: feedback calls from our company-in on Monday. Basically, that means a client interviewed candidates in our office, which is always fun because it means more facetime with my candidates.

With immediate scheduling done and pressing emails replied to, it’s on to getting my candidates submitted to roles. I refresh some resumes and write bios to send to our clients for consideration.

10:30 a.m. First Interview of the Day

My favorite part of my role: meeting new people! A shameless plug about why I love Maven: we take the time to sit down and get to know every candidate, in-person! In a world where everything seems to be going virtual – if you recall, I even order my morning coffee through an app - it’s so nice to be able to sit down and have a real conversation with our job seekers.

I absolutely love the candidate who I meet – a huge thanks to our great RC team for scheduling! During our time together, I find out that she recently returned from a trip to Nashville so I immediately ask for all of her recommendations. It’s on my list of places to go! She’s also open to contracting until she finds a full-time permanent role—this is great since we have a lot of contract roles open right now.

I rally the troops; a temporary team member and the Account Managers are introduced to my new candidate. After giving a little bit of a run-down on her background, the temp team has somewhere they can send her right away – amazing!

11 a.m. Sourcing Time!!

The job market for Executive Assistants is so hot! We have some incredible EA roles open right now, so I write an InMail capturing the roles that I am most excited about. I focus in on a role supporting the first female partner of a legendary VC firm, a role supporting the Co-Founder of a posh tech company, and a catch-all admin role at a tech start-up in the AI space.

I start my searching on LI Recruiter and identify quite a few profiles that would be great fits for our clients! I send them each personalized messages with the hopes of setting up calls (fingers crossed they get back to me).

the "before" picture...

12 p.m. Lunch, Lunch, Lunch

Tuesdays are my favorite day at Maven, because it means team lunches! Today we got FreshRoll and are celebrating our March Milestones – two Maven-versaries and a birthday. The cake now makes complete sense.

Did you forget about that cake? Because I absolutely didn’t!

12:45 p.m. I jet off a little early from lunch to meet a candidate for coffee who I’ve been trying to get face time with for a while! She’s not actively looking but is open to grabbing coffee, starting the relationship, and seeing what happens.

It kind of feels like a first date; I’m having a serious internal dialogue about my caffeine intake. Do I get more coffee? Do I not? – Okay, I got more coffee. I’m a Seattle girl so coffee pretty much runs in my blood (and hey, it’ll give me that little extra boost I’ll need for writing that blog post!).

2 p.m. Back to the office and I come bearing great news! The candidate actually was incredibly interested in the Artificial Intelligence start-up we are working with and wants to have her resume submitted. Definitely over-caffeinated at this point, I polish up her resume and submit her over to the client.

After completing my submission, it’s time to schedule a few things that moved during lunch.  I don’t think I’m working with one candidate right now who isn’t interviewing for multiple roles, so scheduling is a jigsaw puzzle that can involve a lot of back and forth.

working outside.JPG
 actual pic of me + bird

actual pic of me + bird

3:30 p.m. Our weekly team meeting turns into a sourcing strategy meeting which we take outside because it’s a sunny day in San Francisco. My only fear is that our parrot neighbors will fly in to join the party. So I sit close to the door for an easy escape (yes, I am deathly afraid of birds).

This meeting is always a good one! It’s a team huddle to go over highs and lows of the week so far, strategize around priorities, and check-in on what’s gotten done this week. Team work makes the dream work!

4:30 p.m. – Whelp, my two afternoon candidate interviews cancel. Bummer. That’s okay, my inbox is flooded and I have that caffeine boost I need to power through some more administrative tasks that I’ve been avoiding.


5:30 p.m. – It’s Boot Camp time! Yes, we are THAT office. A few of us do Boot Camp together down on the Embarcadero with a trainer who happens to be the brother-in-law of one of our teammates. It’s been raining the last three weeks, so it’s our first time back, and oh boy is this going to be hard.  

As we approach the park, I see our trainer across the way with way too many stations set up and so so SO many weights. I almost make a run for it, charcuterie and wine sounds WAY better than this, but he spots me before I can get away. While it wasn’t an easy work-out, I sweated out some of that caffeine, had some great laughs, and hopefully made some progress towards my “President’s Club Body.”

7:00 p.m. I grab some tacos before heading home. I mean, it’s not a Tuesday without Taco Tuesday, right? All in all, it’s been a great day. After a busy-busy day, I hop in a Lyft line to head back to the Presidio for a nice relaxing evening in. I’ve got to rest up; we’ve got an event tomorrow night in Palo Alto and it’s going to be a late one.

Over and out!

Written by: Hayley Morrison

Posted on

April 3, 2018


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