6 Basic Social Media Tips Job Searchers Still Need to Read (Because Mistakes Are Still Happening)


-by Jessica Vann

You’ve heard this before: Be careful what you put online. After all, hiring managers turn to social media to learn things about you that your resume doesn’t reveal. But somehow, people are still making crucial mistakes.

That’s where we step in to give you tips straight from the mouths of people who are very good at stalking candidates online. As the founder of a recruitment firm for administrative and HR professionals, I want to make sure you know that whether you’re currently employed or job searching, the impression you give is based upon the totality of available information about you—that includes your Facebook page, Twitter posts, LinkedIn profile, Tumblr account, Medium blogs, and anything else that’s considered public information.

So, while it may be super tempting to update your Facebook every single Monday with something about how much you dread going back to work after the weekend, you need to get your social media presence under control if you want to put forth the best possible first impression.

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October 7, 2016


Job Search Advice