10 Ways your Admin is actually a Superhero!

Whether you’re a DC or Marvel fan, all of us have thought about what it would be like to have superhuman powers. . . this Admin Day, we’re celebrating all the ways that Admins make us feel like we actually DO have super powers, even if we are mere mortals.

1. Shapeshifting— So your Admin might not be Mystique, but they are stealthy when it comes to protecting your independent work time by disguising it as something no one would ever dare to touch on your calendar. Surprise! You immediately have more time to get your work done.

2. Time travel— The sold-out Justin Beiber concert that your daughter wanted to go to is tonight?? Don’t worry, your Admin will manage to turn back the hands of time and get you AND your child(ren!) premium seats before you can say “Sorry.”

3. Telepathy— A great administrative partner will understand your needs before you ever know them yourself! Not only does he or she have a running list of your favorite items, but your Admin will find out exactly what you need for that meeting you scheduled before you have a chance to utter a word.

4. Mind control— Need buy-in from all 10 board members to move forward with the IPO? Your Admin superhero will get everyone to the table (and each of their favorite meals from across the country in front of them) to make sure that everyone is in the right state of mind to reach the consensus you need!

5. Weather Manipulation— Your plane has been grounded due to weather conditions and you need to be at an investor’s meeting across the country by tomorrow. Your Admin will re-route you to sunny skies so you make it there with time to spare.

6. Clairvoyance— If only you knew what the future held. . . Oh, but wait! Your Admin does! Your Admin will make you look good on even your worst day, keeping track of everything that should happen, knowing what won’t, and running interference accordingly.

7. Magic, Admin Magic— Have you ever tried to troubleshoot a tech issue on your own, gotten frustrated, and as soon as your Admin stands next to you it’s magically fixed? THAT’s Admin Magic.

8. Invisibility— Even when your Admin is not around, he or she will be there like an invisible hand guiding the way. When you board the flight and have your favorite seat and the morning newspaper waiting for you to read, or when you get to the hotel to find the advance copy of the new book you’ve been waiting to read, you know your Admin is there.

9)      Teleportation (or something close to it)— With only a day’s notice, your Admin will transport twelve incredibly busy CEOs from all over the country to a private airport so exclusive it’s not even on Google, just in time for a surprise executive retreat.

10)   They make anywhere feel like home— This might not be a superpower featured in any comic book or blockbuster movie, but it’s one that can’t be overstated! Whether it’s keeping your favorite treats stocked in the kitchen, or setting up three identical offices in three different countries, your superhero Admin knows how to make you feel your best at your home-away-from-home.

Administrative professionals are the connective tissue of any office, the people who keep everyone sane, organized and on track. Without these superheroes, no office would function, no executive would be on time for a meeting, and our work lives would be downright villainous.

Here’s to all of the amazing Admins that make all of our lives SUPER!!

Written by: Jenna DeFabio, on behalf of all of us at Maven!

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April 25, 2018


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