Season 4, Episode 9

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In this episode, we welcome back Executive Coach and Co-Creator of Maven’s e-learning course and coaching program, Julia Quijano. Julia and Jessica recently finished the recording and roll-out of our latest e-course, “Becoming a Strategic Partner.” In furtherance to that conversation, here is a follow-up on an emerging area that is presenting itself as another strategic opportunity for executive assistants to 10x their work: the rapidly evolving area of AI.

As a quick refresher, Julia is a former Executive Assistant turned Chief of Staff and currently runs her own Executive Development Firm where she works with startup leaders across various industries. She is the co-creator and host of our (now) 2 e-courses and also facilitates our group and individual coaching programs. This is her 4th time as REACH guest and her other episodes include What it Means to be a Chief of Staff, How Executives Have Also Been Affected by The Great Resignation, and How to set SMART Goals - if you haven’t already, be sure to check those out!

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