Season 4, Episode 8

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In the continuously evolving AI landscape, we’ve only scratched the surface on the potential of AI as well as the latent security and legal issues that are co-emerging with the advent of AI technology, especially as that relates to the Executive Assistant role. As we further our exploration of AI in the workplace, we’ve invited subject matter expert Abraham Kang, Managing Consultant at Include Security LLC, to our program.

Abe is both an information security leader and subject matter expert who has worked for such notable companies as Venmo and Samsung and spoken internationally on security matters, as well as a Juris Doctorate licensed to practice in the State of California who lends his time as an amicus curiae specifically for the emerging intersection of AI and the law.  

Whether it's earning a JD in his spare time, teaching himself quantitative mathematics or learning to dance bachata, Abe has an insatiable appetite for learning and expansion, making him the ideal guest to tackle the vastness of this topic!

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