Season 4, Episode 7

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The space of AI is moving so fast and evolving so quickly! AI is in the headlines nearly daily as people debate its merits, its utility in supporting efficiency and productivity, as well as the ethical and somewhat dystopian implications of its use as we incorporate it more and more into our daily lives and work. We've invited Nikki Dickman to our program to discuss her experience with AI and how she sees it supporting today's executive assistants.

Nikki is particularly qualified to speak on this subject. Not only is she an accomplished executive assistant with a background in psychology who started a tech company to help therapists connect more effectively with their autistic adolescent patients, but she is also currently the Chief of Staff at Rewind, an AI company founded and led by Dan Siroker, who previously built Optimizely and garnered wide acclaim there. Rewind AI has the provocative thesis, "What if you had perfect memory? What if you could ask any question about anything you've seen, said, or heard?" Join us as we ask this question and so many more.

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