Season 4, Episode 16

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If you’re an executive assistant curious about your rights as an employee or perhaps you work in an environment where you’re tasked with being the defacto HR person or setting employee policy, this episode is for you. We're diving into the complex world of employment law with two experts who know the ins and outs of this topic. And, I promise you, if anyone can make the law fun and relevant, it’s our guests, Angel Horacek, Founding Partner and Attorney at Law Offices of Angel J. Horacek, PC and Iryll Robbins-Umel, Civil and Employment Attorney at Law Offices of Angel J. Horacek, PC and formerly an administrative judge with the EEOC. 

Both of these ladies bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, having represented countless individuals in cases ranging from all forms of discrimination to wrongful termination to wage and hour disputes. In fact, Angel and her team secured one of the largest plaintiff verdicts in 2022 in all of California! With their track record of successfully navigating the intricacies of employment regulations, we’ve brought these ladies on to help inform you of your rights as employees as well as to decode some of the more obtuse areas of the law, so you can feel more empowered in how you navigate or consider situations you may find yourself in. Moreover, we know many of our EA listeners are themselves also people managers, hiring managers or, at times, policy creators, so it's important to understand how your role may intersect with the law.

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