Season 4, Episode 10

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We’re delighted to welcome Lorynn Boland to our program! She is an EA who has navigated both sides of the aisle, so to speak, having spent five years at Kleiner Perkins, the legendary venture capital firm, and now the last six months supporting the CEO of PlanetScale, a database platform for developers with infinite scalability. Today we’ll be learning about Lorynn’s experiences of supporting in these environments which, while different, are also inextricably linked and symbiotic.

We feel this is an important conversation to have, as there is definitely a compatibility and common language between these respective industries, as well as some noteworthy differences. For anyone curious to understand these difference or for someone who is perhaps preparing for a job interview or transition from one side to the other, today’s conversation will be particularly valuable.

We celebrate what makes each candidate and company unique.