Season 3, Episode 9

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We had the honor of speaking with the women behind the woman, referring to Executive Assistant, Kenya Graham & Personal Assistant Lisa Magazine, who together supported the one and only, iconic Sara Blakely, who is of course the legendary entrepreneur and founder of Spanx.In this episode, we hear how Kenya & Lisa worked together to provide holistic, continuous 360-degree support to Sara so she could ultimately show up as the effective leader and change-maker she is. It's hard for us to imagine a better duo and you'll understand why after hearing how to these two cultivated a partnership and friendship to last a lifetime. Their secret? Humility, clear boundaries and one common goal. What speaks to their incredible tenure and legacy at Spanx? Each other.If you've an Executive Assistant who's ever wondered why it's important to partner with your executive's Personal Assistant or how to do that most effectively, we're excited to give you access to the wisdom and knowledge of the best of the best!

We celebrate what makes each candidate and company unique.