Season 3, Episode 8

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<iframe title="Everything Executive Assistants Need to Know About Equity in an Offer" allowtransparency="true" height="150" width="100%" style="border: none; min-width: min(100%, 430px);" scrolling="no" data-name="pb-iframe-player" src=""></iframe>

In this episode, Kevin Baker, VP of Team and Customer Success at Maven Recruiting Group, addresses all of your equity and stock options questions. If you’ve ever received an offer letter from a pre-IPO company and found yourself positively stumped trying to wrap your head around what exactly was being offered, you wouldn’t be the first or the last! The purpose of this episode is to help you navigate through the quagmire of legal-ese and esoteric terminology to help you feel better prepared to properly understand and evaluate your offer letter and what questions you should be asking at that stage in an interview process. If you’d like to dive deeper into this topic, be sure to check out Kevin’s article on this topic, Executive Assistants Can Earn Equity Too on our website

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