Season 3, Episode 13

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In this episode of REACH, our friend Campbell Ruggles, Executive Assistant to the CEO of Universe, joins us from Brooklyn, New York. Campbell is one of those people who gets up to speed quickly, makes an immediate impact, and does so in non-traditional ways which we'll unpack in this episode. A creative herself who used Universe’s platform to create a website to sell her own art, Campbell is someone who sort of stumbled into the Executive Assistant profession and has been incredibly successful.  

Our goal with this episode is to debunk the stereotype most people have about the kind of person who is successful as an EA. You know the type – they are hyper-organized, type A, love list making and planned their wedding at 10 years old! Campbell wouldn’t put herself into that category and mentioned she’s never fit the classic EA archetype, and yet she loves this profession and has been really successful at it. Campbell’s affinity for this role also demonstrates an important lesson, which is that there are multiple ways to be successful and, often times, being able to approach challenges and solutions from a different angle can be incredibly beneficial. So, if you’re someone who also feels like you also don’t fit the typical EA mold, or you’d like to learn how you can approach your own EA role from a more unique or innovative viewpoint, this episode is for you!

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