Season 3, Episode 10

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In this episode, we talk about all things travel coordination in a "post-pandemic" world. Courtney Puckett, Senior Executive Assistant to the CEO of Crunchbase, does quite a bit of traveling in her role and of course she’s the brains behind booking any trip, conference, or event for her CEO, and in cases like planning an SKO, she’s the one executing travel arrangements for all attendees. 

Clearly travel as we know it has changed now that we have COVID to contend with.  There are weighty feelings around this subject and an ever-evolving list of rules and regulations to adhere to, which adds yet another layer to planning. 

But travel is Courtney's bread and better, in fact, it’s one of her favorite aspects of the Executive Assistant role so we’re talking to a bonified expert here. In view of this, today’s episode will be focused on giving our Executive Assistant listeners helpful tips and tricks for planning travel in a post-pandemic environment. 

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