Happy Admin Day! Bonus Episode to Celebrate Our Administrative Superheroes

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Happy Administrative Professionals Day! In this bonus episode of REACH, we’re celebrating the often-unsung heroes and backbones of our companies. Our mission at Maven Recruiting Group and through our podcast, is to elevate the support role and give it the props and appreciation it rightfully deserves. Gillian Lopez, Director of Accounts and Growth at Maven Recruiting Group, joins Jessica and together they highlight all of the problems EAs solve, all of the ways they save the day, all of the areas they provide leverage to their executives and companies. Plus, stay tuned for a special treat at the end... a few of our clients wrote in personal notes of appreciation for their admins and you just might receive a special shout out from your exec! We hope this episode reminds you how valuable you are, how critical your role is to your organization and how much we appreciate all that you do behind the scenes.

We celebrate what makes each candidate and company unique.