Reimaging Your Remote Workspace: Advice from a Designer on How to Create a Productive and Beautiful Home Office

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With remote work being the ongoing and possibly indefinite reality for many of us, we thought it would be both fun and practical to call in a design expert to talk about how we can equip our work from home environments to be both functional and beautiful. In this episode, Michael Guidry offers his tips and tricks for establishing a comfortable, productive, and aesthetically pleasing home office space. Michael has designed a variety of spaces including Maven Recruiting Group’s HQ and Jessica’s home office space. Not only does he have an incredible design vision, but also a ruthless pragmatism, resourcefulness, and appreciation for functionality and frugality that make him a really unique designer and someone who can find the happy place between Gucci and Target. This is both a fun and practical episode that you won’t want to miss!

In this episode, one thing Michael encouraged all of us to get is a leather blotter to organize and glamorize our home office desk. Gathre’s products are the perfect solution for that! If you arent already familiar, you have to check them out. Gathre is founded by two boss moms who know the struggle, which is why they created products that are built to last. Gather the ones you love with functional buttery-soft signature leather. Not only do they have soluttions for your home desk, but also yoga mats, organizers, pillows, floor cushions, poufs and so much more! Shop online at and be sure to use the exclusive discount code REACH15 for 15% off your entire purchase.

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