From Working at the Bio-Pharma Behemoth Genentech to Scrappy Startup Grail: Everything You Need to Know About Being an Executive Assistant in Biotech

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In this episode, Stacy Green, Senior Executive Assistant to the CEO of Grail, sheds light on the biotech industry from an EA’s perspective. She discusses everything from the challenges and rewards of the field, what it’s like to work with a bunch of scientists and PhDs and what to expect if you’re thinking of joining a biotech company, whether big or small. Prior to her role at Grail, a company committed to saving lives by detecting cancer early on when it has a better chance of being cured, Stacy worked as an EA at the biopharma behemoth, Genentech, for over 10 years. If there’s anyone who knows what it’s like to be an Executive Assistant in the biotech industry, it’s this gal!

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