Season 2, Episode 22

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There’s no denying the record of IPOs that have taken place on the US stock market this year and the flurry of organizations headed down that path next, so we decided it was time to dedicate an episode to the role an EA plays in taking a company public. We invited back former REACH guest Tanya Benvenuto, who played a significant role in Okta’s IPO back in 2017. At the center of it all, ringing the bell next to CEO, Todd McKinnon, Tanya lived and breathed this experience first-hand. In this episode, she shares what goes on behind the scenes, how best to support your executive through the process & how to navigate all of the additional intricacies and responsibilities that come with taking a company public all while maintaining the upmost level of discretion. So, if your organization has officially filed an S-1, this episode promises to lend insight into the process and prepare you for that life-changing experience. 

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