Season 2, Episode 19

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Shelley Trask, Senior Executive Assistant to the Co-Founder of Slack and avid thought leader in the administrative community, joins us to tackle one of her favorite topics (yup you heard that right!). Now the word “difficult” can take on a lot of different meanings and is somewhat subjective. It could mean your executive has never had an Executive Assistant before and therefore doesn’t know how to leverage your support or perhaps your executive is a poor or sporadic communicator or maybe your executive’s personality is just flat out difficult. Regardless, this episode is a fun and insightful one as Shelley shares her strategies for how to get around that difficulty, how to coach an executive’s behavior and influence their habits, or how to draw the line when a situation is simply incorrigible. So, whether you’re dealing with the new exec, the too-busy exec, the non-responsive exec, the no-boundaries exec the perpetually late exec, or even the brilliant a**hole, we promise you’ll be taking notes throughout this episode, feeling equipped with practical knowledge you can begin implementing as soon as tomorrow.

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