Season 2, Episode 16

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The Chief of Staff topic isn’t going anywhere! In this episode we interview Jenna Miller, Chief of Staff at Betterworks to share her perspective on the Chief of Staff role. With all of the hype around this squishy and nuanced position, we’re making an effort to bring you the insight and perspective you’re looking for. Jenna talks about her recent promotion to Chief of Staff and the ways in which the CoS role differs from her experience as an Executive Assistant. She also unpacks her expectations vs the reality of the position now that she’s in the thick of it. One of her clear distinctions is that in the EA role, you experience “quick wins” as you focus primarily on executing tasks on behalf of your executive. While in the Chief of Staff role, your wins and rewards take a bit longer to come to fruition since your initiatives are focused on not only the executive, but the entire org.

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