Everyone Around Me is in their 20s (Including My Boss): How Not to “Age Out” of Your EA Career

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You’ve probably heard the term “seasoned” or perhaps even been labeled or felt as such. And in the Bay Area tech arena especially, it’s not uncommon to work alongside colleagues or even support executives who may be in their early 20s or 30s. So today, we’ve decided to tackle the ambitious topic of what it means to age gracefully in your career as an Executive Assistant and, in particular, how you can avoid “aging out” of the EA career. Nicole Hawkins, Senior Manager of Administration at Patreon, who supports CEO Jack Conte, has volunteered to share her experience of being a “seasoned” EA and what it’s like to work with and support individuals who are younger than she is. We’ll be talking about how to stay relevant amidst younger talent, how to relate to an executive team and group of colleagues who seem to get younger not older, how to provide invaluable support despite age differences, and how to confidently package your experience when interviewing.

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