From Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff: What It Really Means to be a Chief of Staff

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The topic you’ve all been waiting for!  These days it feels like Chief of Staff and EA are used almost synonymously and with all the buzz  around the Chief of Staff title, we decided to dive into what it actually means to be in this role, what the day-to-day of a Chief of Staff can look like, and how it differs from the EA role. In this episode, we explore why an Executive Assistant makes a great choice for a Chief of Staff. While there is no “one size fits all” definition of Chief of Staff, our goal is to share multiple perspectives on this role and the variety of ways in which a Chief of Staff can contribute.  To kick off this series, we’re thrilled to have Julia Quijano on our program, who served as Chief of Staff at Aera Technology, a venture-backed startup in Silicon Valley where she wore many hats including leadership development and building the company’s DE&I program. Julia started off her career as an Executive Assistant at Salesforce where she supported the Chief Revenue Officer and the Chief Customer Officer before deciding to pursue a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. 

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