Part One: How to Navigate Stress in the Workplace: Advice from Miraval Resort’s Wellness Counselor

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In this episode, Wellness Counselor at Miraval Arizona, Anne Parker, leads us in a discussion around how to navigate and manage stress in the workplace. With workplace stress costing companies approximately $300 billion dollars annually according to the American Institute of Stress, it’s safe to say there’s a lot of stressed-out people out there. So, whether you’re an executive assistant, an executive, an executive assistant listening on behalf of your stressed-out exec, or just a human being in general, this episode of REACH promises to give you some expert advice on how to improve your wellbeing. You won’t want to miss Anne’s tips for daily rejuvenation, how to set expectations around stress and stress management and finding a healthy balance. Plus, stay tuned for a special promotion offered only to REACH listeners!

To those of you who have joined us for this conversation today and are feeling like you, your organization, or your exec could benefit from an experience at Miraval, Miraval is generously giving our listeners an exclusive offer of a $225 nightly resort credit at Miraval Austin, Miraval Arizona and Miraval Massachusetts. This credit can be used toward fee-based workshops and classes, private sessions with life-affirming specialists and spa treatments. To take advantage of this exclusive promotion, you can go to and book now with the code “MAVEN2021.”

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