The Change-Maker: How One Admin Manager Evolved the EA Role Within Okta

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Tanya has always had a passion for leading and mentoring Executive Assistants, starting first with her role as a Staff Supervisor at Merrill Lynch and ultimately landing in a hybrid Admin Manager / EA to CEO role at Okta. In this episode, Tanya shares the history of how she evolved and elevated the EA function within Okta and ultimately created a world-class EA team. From leading by example to teaching more junior EAs how to own the room and exude confidence to bringing in outside coaches to lead trainings on difficult conversations and even coaching the Executive Team on what it looks like to fully leverage their EAs, these are just a few ways Tanya has helped to mold and shape an exceptional EA team. Whether you’re an Admin Manager looking to grow a winning team or you’re an Executive Assistant working on personal development, there are nuggets of wisdom for everyone in this episode.

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