Setting Your Executive up for Success When You’re on Maternity Leave

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Ann Borja, Executive Business Partner to the CEO and Co-Founder of Lyft, talks to us about what a pivotal year it’s been for her – from carrying a child to going through an IPO and navigating all of that change within a highly visible role at a rocketship startup. In this episode, Ann offers advice to other Executive Assistants as a woman with a noteworthy and demanding EA career on the cusp of becoming a first-time mom. While Ann is fortunate to have a very supportive executive, she also offers advice on how to navigate conversations with bosses who may not be as inherently understanding. Ann also walks us through her pre-maternity leave plan, how she’s prepping for the big event and how she expects her role to change once she returns with another title, “Mom,” on her resume. Join us for a candid, intimate, and heart-warming discussion between two career women and moms.

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