Diversity and Inclusion Within the Executive Assistant Role

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Diversity and Inclusion is a hot topic. There are a lot of people who feel passionately about D&I as a value and a virtue but aren’t really sure how to activate that within their role or career, other than it being a personal and ethical priority. Lauren Pelusi, Executive Assistant at Instacart, talks to us about the ways in which she has used the Executive Assistant role as a platform to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in doing so, walks us through her experiences at SurveyMonkey, Adobe and now Instacart. Whether it’s recognizing hiring biases, creating workshops for minorities, helping to awaken the perspective of her executives, or developing employee resource groups, Lauren offers real ways that you too can service your D&I goals through your Executive Assistant role. Ultimately, Lauren encourages the tech community to continue its evolution and to attract a more diverse population of employees.

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