How to Break Down Barriers and Find the Common Ground Between You and Your Colleagues

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In this episode of REACH, LaChristian Taylor, Executive Assistant at Exabeam, shares her story of how she’s been able to break down barriers and find the common ground between herself and her colleagues/executives in order to allow true collaboration to happen. LaChristian knows what it feels like to be the new kid on the block. As a woman of color who supports at the highest level, she has often found herself to be the only minority in the room. And as an executive assistant who joined a startup coming from a background in politics, she had a lot to adjust to when she transitioned her career to the epicenter of Silicon Valley. We hope that in hearing her story, you’ll feel empowered to break down whatever barrier you’re facing in your career as an Executive Assistant. PS: It may be just as simple as bonding with your co-workers over food and basketball!

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