Journeys from the Executive Assistant Role and Beyond

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Former Disneyland Paris Princess to Executive Assistant to Max Levchin, Lia Ballard talks about her journey to becoming the Executive Support Manager & Founder of the Employee Resource Group (ERG) Black @ Affirm. From highlighting the thought process that led her to a career as an Executive Assistant to discussing her promotional path to becoming the Executive Support Manager, Lia takes us through a review of her career highlights and shares her advice for how others can strategically position themselves for their own promotions. Lia also sheds light on the potential career paths that are available to Executive Assistants and validates how accomplished the Executive Assistant role is, in and of itself. Whether you’re looking to grow into a Chief of Staff, Administrative Manager or Project Manager, Lia provides practical advice to Executive Assistants on how to realize your own career growth goals and morph into the Executive Assistant you’ve always wanted to be.

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