How to Best Leverage an Executive Assistant: An Episode You’ll Want to Share with Your Executive

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Lauren Richards, Executive Assistant to the CEO and CPO/Co-Founder of Webflow, joins us for a conversation you’ll definitely want to share with your executive! In this candid and thoughtful dialogue, Lauren shares her advice for executives about everything from how to nail the hiring process and find the right person to how to structure an effective and enduring partnership rooted in mutual respect and regard for one another.  Whether you’re an executive wanting to understand how best to identify and leverage an assistant or an executive assistant looking to find his/her voice in shaping a more effective partnership, this episode is your guide!  Sneak peek: It all boils down to the questions you ask of yourself and of your EA candidate from the very beginning.  We hope this episode sparks a dialogue on both sides and allows for a more elevated experience for all!

We celebrate what makes each candidate and company unique.