Pulling off a Virtual Event: Advice from an Event Planning Expert‍

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This is part one of our two-part series with Heather Keenan, President and CEO of Key Events. With this series, we’re pivoting the conversation by inviting some of the most distinguished resources, companies and service providers we think it’s vital for you to know about. In this episode, event planner extraordinaire, Heather Keenan, gifts us with her wisdom and advice around carrying out a successful virtual event. As many of us are sheltering in place, virtual business events have become our new reality and yet planning something like a completely virtual SKO is new territory for most of us. With "essential” things like LP and board meetings, town halls, and fundraising events still needing to happen despite COVID-19, it’s imperative that EAs find a virtual workaround to keep these events on the calendar.  

Whether it be an intimate happy hour held via Zoom or a fundraising event via webcast, Heather gives her tips for pulling off things like experience, engagement, and even virtual pupus! Spoiler alert – you may find yourself telling your Executive to channel his/her favorite character actor, aka Brad Pitt, because presenting in front of a camera is totally different from speaking in front of a live crowd. Join us for this timely and informative conversation!

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