How to Stay Relevant as an EA during COVID-19 (Plus Tips on Job Searching)

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In this episode, we’re tackling your COVID19-related questions and concerns, Q&A style and guerilla-style. Yes, kids may interrupt, doorbells may ring, tea kettles may whistle, but our priority here was to address your very relevant and legitimate questions in a timely manner even if that means raw and un-cut. Whether you were recently laid off or you’re feeling vulnerable right now to a potential lay-off, or simply want to provide the best level of support and service you can to your executive during this time, this episode is for you! Joining our host, Jessica Vann, to help tackle your questions is Maven Recruiting Group’s very own Director of Accounts and Growth, Gillian Lopez, who works directly with our clients and who has a direct line to the thinking of hiring managers and what matters to them right now. While adjusting to today’s reality is hard, we hope this episode gives you some solutions and hope for how you, as an executive assistant, can continue to move forward despite COVID-19.

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