Part Two: The Ins and Outs of Remote Support and How to Get it Right

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With the increasing popularity and buzz surrounding remote EA work, we decided it was time to get some real insight from a remote Executive Assistant in our network. In this episode, we interview LJ Cohen, remote Executive Assistant to the Partners of Uncork Capital (formerly known as SoftTech VC). In this episode, LJ addresses everything from the importance of asking the right questions in the interview process to ensure success in a remote role to setting up boundaries within her personal life to create a home environment that supports her work to dealing with situations like her executive having trouble connecting to a video conference when she isn’t physically there to assist. Listen in as LJ dives into the nuances of remote support and shares with us what it’s really like to work from home on a daily basis. (Hint: it’s not always pjs, slippers and a cup of tea!) Our hope is that after listening to this episode, you’ll have a clearer sense as to whether remote work is for you and what questions to ask of yourself and others before taking the leap.

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