Growth Through Adversity

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In this episode our guest, Carina Ruggiero, reflects on some of the challenges she’s faced and how she has not only triumphed, but also used them as a catalyst for career growth and personal evolution. In this episode, Carina talks about how she made a significant mental shift from achieving to serving. Her inspiration? The one and only Tony Robbins. She encourages us to stop taking ourselves so seriously as she puts it, “Sh*t happens, bounce back!” Carina also shares her ninety-nine-year-old grandmother’s advice with us and reveals the silver lining to staring down challenges in the workplace, which in her case led to accepting a role with a top immigration law firm that also reunited her with her husband who was stuck abroad. Who doesn’t love a good love story?! At the end of this episode, we hope you will feel inspired to grow and persevere even when life pulls a fast one on you... after all, EAs have to be resilient. Plus, you’re guaranteed to learn at least three swear words in Italian!

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