So You Work for a Pre-IPO Startup: How to Budget for the Marathon, Not the Sprint

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From Livefyre to Elf to Juul, Kristin Beatham talks about what it’s like to work as an Executive Assistant at a high-growth startup, specifically what to expect, how it’s different than a non-startup company, how to pace yourself for the marathon and the importance of practicing gratitude, while also laughing over some of the more novel start-up perks (hint: glitter bombs, donuts and break dancers!). Kristin has spent the better part of her career working for multiple high-growth startups and, in addition to supporting CEOs and Founders, has also led international office expansions and operational rollouts. Kristin challenges listeners to get real with themselves about their motivation for working in a startup, in her words, “chase the experience, not the dollars!”

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