Client Details

Changing the way people move around cities and explore our world. How? As a large provider of custom online maps for websites and applications like Facebook, The Weather Channel, and Snapchat. So next time you check in to your favorite restaurant on Facebook or look up how to get to your friend’s new place, you can say “Thanks, Mapbox!"


Find an Executive Business Partner to support Founder & CEO Eric Gundersen of Mapbox. Someone with love of the game, who’s fired up to achieve big things, and who has high processing speed, EQ, and comprehension.


We partnered with Eric and his executive team to not only find their ideal candidate, but to help them refine what they needed in this hire. The intangibles and quality of the individual became the pivot points rather than having experience supporting the CEO of a large, publicly-traded company, as originally desired. We identified Paige, the ultimate whipper-snapper and master of special projects, with limitless potential and ambition. Paige’s goal was to support an Executive who sees the value of a strategic partnership and where she could flex her eclectic background (Eric wanted a strong writer - hiring a former journalist was the ultimate cheat!). Together the two maximize efficiency and exemplify the hallmarks of an epic partnership.

Client Insight

Paige is really, really impressive in a super cool way. I didn’t BS how demanding the role is. And she seems fired up. Life has improved so much with Paige on board. Very happy. She's getting full fire hose. Work product is great. Takes feedback great. She is transformative. That good.

Eric Gundersen

CEO of Mapbox

Candidate Insight

In the spirit of being clear (and bold): I really want this job. I've been incredibly discerning about what comes next, but this is one of the few times in my career when I can say so early, "I'm in." Beyond being even more excited about the opportunity, I feel tremendous alignment with how Eric approaches problem solving, decision making, and getting things done while still having fun. I believe I'm a strong match who will be able to add value quickly for him and the team.

Paige Zeigler

Executive Operations Lead to the CEO of Mapbox

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